Roman Road Cycleway Footpath

Cycleway Footpath Roman RidgeCycleway Footpath along Roman Ridge,  near Doncaster. Phase 2 completed.

The final phases of Roman Ridge Road cycleway and footpath have been approved by English Heritage and Doncaster Planning.

Doncaster's cycleway initiative

Roman Ridge Road through Doncaster is part of an ancient route once linking Roman settlements at Castleford and Doncaster, and now part of Doncaster's Cycle Action Programme DCAP. Re-surfacing works and signage will give cohesion to the 5km long route in Doncaster and improve it's accessibility to cyclists and disabled users.

An ancient Roman road

Several sections of the original 'Roman road' within Doncaster have survived as informal tracks and footpaths. Some parts of the road exist as a raised linear bank or 'burm' and would once have been an imposing feature across an early British landscape.

Last phase approval

Several sections of cycleway and footpath improvements were completed in earlier phases. The final phase is protected by a Scheduled Monument listing and additional planning permission was needed before the proposals could be given the go ahead. Construction phase works and final proposals have been carefully designed to protect the route's valued wildlife and historic character.

Wainwright Landscape Architecture produced the landscape masterplan and detail for the planning application. For further information about landscape masterplans and landscape planning please Contact Us.