What is Landscape Assessment LVIA?

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment LVIA is a tool used to help understand the significance of how development affects and changes the landscape, people's views and visual amenity.

Landscape character and visibility are assessed to inform plans and decision making and often undertaken to support a planning application.

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What is LVIA?What is LVIA? Commissioning a landscape assessment may be simpler than you think?


LVIA : Landscape Visual Assessment Explained

What is Landscape and Visual Assessment? How do I commission a Landscape and Visual Appraisal? Has your planning application been refused on Landscape Grounds? Have you got other LVIA questions?

Landscape Assessment can help support your planning application and can be simpler than you think if undertaken correctly!

When is LVIA Carried out?

We undertake Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment either formally as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment EIA for certain projects, or informally as an appraisal of development proposals and planning applications.

Sometimes LVIA is requested by the planning authority where the impact of a proposed development is unclear, or you may wish to submit a landscape appraisal to help explain the significance of your development and reduce landscape or visual concerns. 

How We Can Help

 - We can help inform, plan and manage landscape change in a way that best supports your planning application and development.

- We can guide you through the LVIA planning rules, liaise and consult with the local planning authority on your behalf.

- We can provide you with costs and options to undertake a Landscape Appraisal or the Landscape Mitigation Measures you need for planning.

Expert Landscape and Visual LVIA Appraisals

We undertake all our landscape and visual assessments using the latest LVIA guidelines (GLVIA3) at a scale appropriate to your development or project. We believe in clear and professional reporting presented in a way that best explains your development proposals.

We also provide professional LVIA consulting for the following:

- Landscape and Visual Appraisals to support your Planning Application

- Landscape Design and Mitigation for Planning Conditions and Reserve Matters

- Visual Impact Assessment and Appraisals to help predict the visual effects of the development

- Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) and Development Capacity Studies

- Landscape Assessment Expert Witness for planning appeals and public enquiry

Landscape LVIA experts based in the Yorkshire and East Riding area - North Yorkshire - Lancashire - Derbyshire planning area

We prepare landscape assessments and appraisals for clients all over the UK but many clients prefer to meet face to face. If you are not in the Yorkshire and East Riding Area, North Yorkshire, Lancashire or Derbyshire Planning area, don't worry we can travel to meet you or visit your project site!

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