Housing Landscape and Garden Design

As experienced landscape designers we produce plans for new housing & housing renewal, design site layout & access, boundary walls & fences for residential development. Contact Us for further details.


House Garden Design PlantingHouse garden design and planting for a new housing development, Sheffield. Our work has included landscape design proposals for speculative sites and planning applications for new and existing housing.

Planning applications for new development are usually accompanied by design and access statements and a review of the existing site features and conditions.

Relate services, road layout and car parking design, drainage design, boundary walls & fencing, planting design.

We can provide landscape and visual assessments, tree and ecology surveys.

Garden design service

Garden Design PlansGarden Design Plans

Our garden design sercvice may typically include:

- DESIGN BRIEF, your project requirements

- SITE ANALYSIS, site specific factors

- DESIGN OPTIONS, we prepare sketch design options

- COST ESTIMATE, an estimate of likely cost

- DETAILED DESIGN, we prepare detailed plans and specification

- TENDER, we seek tenders from potential contractors

- CONTRACT AND SITE, we administer the contract, monitor the work and report to you on progress

Housing Landscape DesignTree and shrub planting provides street-wide enhancement as well as adding value to individual properties.