Landscape Planning Consultants

Landscape planning, design statements and planning applications are an important part of our work.

We can assist with the production of design access statements and details for planning conditions and reserved matters. Contact Us for further details.

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Landscape Planning Protected SpeciesBee Orchid (Orphrys apifera) protected under Section 13 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981).

Landscape Planning Services

We have over 20 years of experience in the preparation of the plans and details needed to support a planning application and can consult the local planning authority on your behalf.

Detailed negotiations are sometimes required with the planning authority and other wildlife and environment groups to ensure that the development can progress as smoothly as possible.

You may be required to provide additional landscape design details and information in order to discharge planning conditions and reserved matters. Typically this may be in relation to protecting and enhancing the landscape and visual amenity, protection of existing trees, boundary fences and walls, ecology and nature conservation, vehicle access and highway visibility, surface water drainage and sustainable drainage schemes (SuDS).

Having clear and concise information from an experienced landscape planning consultant can save you valuable time and money and trust with the local planning authority.

Wainwright landscape planning services include:

­Pre-application advice in relation to landscape planning and trees, where at an early stage we scope the project with options to work with planning policy and avoid development conflicts. We can prepare sketch drawings of your proposals, photographs of the site and a description of the proposals to facilitate preliminary discussion of your proposals with the planning authority.

Landscape Screening, Scoping and Baseline studies, where we undertake preliminary studies to assist with site selection, consideration of alternative proposals, and as part of the EIA screening and scoping process for planning.

Landscape Planning Conditions and Reserved Matters, where we produce landscape design details and information to discharge planning conditions. Landscape information requested by the planning authority typically includes:

  • Scheme detailing landscape tree and shrub planting including details of all trees to be retained together with tree protection during construction
  • A schedule of landscape establishment and maintenance
  • Biodiversity mitigation and enhancement plan, species protection and enhancement of habitat networks
  • Wall / fence and boundary details, screening or retaining walls
  • Vehicle parking areas and access, details of materials, drainage and sightlines
  • Scheme detailing the treatment of bin stores
  • Scheme detailing hard landscape works including finished levels, hard surface materials, car parking layout
  • A scheme demonstrating surface water drainage, soakaways and sustainable urban drainage schemes (SuDS)
  • Details of site lighting and signage

Landscape and Visual Appraisals for planning applications, where we produce landscape assessments and landscape visual appraisals to support your development or planning applications.

Environmental Legislation and Planning Policy, where we can advise how your site may be affected by landscape character assessment, trees and woodlands policy, protected species and habits, and other legislation. These formal landscape designations are usually reinforced by local planning policy. We frequently work with and advise on these landscape planning legislations and landscape planning policy areas:

  • Landscape Character Assessment
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Grands and Funding for Conservation (constantly changing but may include Agriculture and Forestry Grants, Heritage Lottery Fund, Parks for People funding
  • Trees and Woodland Protection and Designations
  • Ecological Designations
  • Protective Species and Habitats

Landscape Planning Consultants based in Yorkshire - Lancashire - Derbyshire planning area

We are landscape planning consultants based in Yorkshire but working for clients all over the UK. Don't worry if you are not in the Yorkshire, Derbyshire or Lancashire Landscape Planning Area, we can travel to meet you or visit your project site!

For additional support and guidance about our landscape planning consultant services please Contact Us for further details  01924 381256   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.