Landscape Contract

Preparing tenders, landscape contracts, as-built drawings, site monitoring of landscape construction work, instruct variations, landscape maintenance, are all typical services we provide under JCT and JCLI building contracts.


Construction documents and tender 

Landscape Architect's ServicesLandscape Architect's Services include preparation of contract drawings and documents. Once the project is designed and the technical drawings are complete, the next stage is to prepare construction documents for tendering the project to potential contractors.

Contract documents and tender usually include:

- CONTRACT DRAWINGS, the plans and detailed design drawings

- BILLS OF QUANTITY, to prepare schedules, measured quantities of the works

- SPECIFICATION, to prepare details of materials and workmanship

- TENDER ACTION, to invite tenders or quotations from approved contractors or negotiate a price

- CONTRACT DOCUMENTS, to prepare the contract and arrange for it to be signed

 Landscape site works

Site Works Project ManagementSite works and project management for a 3G synthetic football pitch in Derbyshire. During construction we carry out periodic site visits to inspect the works, issue instructions to the contractor and, if necessary, reject unsatisfactory work. 

We will also report to you on progress of the work, any variations to budget or programme and issue certificates for stage payments due to the contractor.

We can also produce consultation documents, assist with public meetings and advise where other specialists and consultants may be required.